Boukova manages to transfuse Balkan tradition to contemporary expressive means, ,to transform inner experience to extroversive manifestation, comfortably balancing at the border between modern and postmodern. Original in their conception and execution images and a poetic force which subdues sentimentalism, these are poems that any contemporary poet would aspire to write. Stavros Zafeiriou (poet), Entefktirio journal

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The Beautiful Thief

His great-grandfather it was
a well-buried treasure
still from Turkish times
One of his little cousins
could fly
they called her a swallow
his family tree ended in heaven
however wolves devoured his relations
when they went down to the village
one summer’s eve
Since then it’s smelled
of burning rubber on All Souls
Recently planes pass low
over the houses
cracks appear in the walls
in the windows – reflections
some faces with quivering cheeks
as if trying to cry
And they say it’s not easy for him to live
with the forest in his mirror
and only a well-sharpened name
to drive away the winter
and wound his bread
And they say
with the hunters in your heels
where to run
Those who meet him
surely know they are lost
– tomorrow’s diamonds
today are just coals under our feet –
more superstitious people touch him even.

© Translated from Bulgarian by Jonathan Dunne

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The Bulgarian poet Iana Boukova with her book “The minimal garden”, in a very good translation into greek by Dimitris Allos, has easily gained herself a place in contemporary greek poetry, transplanting memory in all things, honoring with affection what is hurt or hunted, being able to look beyond the future into man’s adventure………..Dino Siotis, (poet), (de)kata journal

© 2019, Iana Boukova
Contact e-mail: bukova.iana(at)